Monday, April 22, 2013

Wood floor is done!

We spent all day on Friday sanding with a Clark orbital sander. I finally quit around 11pm. We did it again on Saturday. We got the floor decently smooth. A belt sander would have gotten the floor perfectly smooth but there is a much higher risk of causing serious damage with one of those. We started vacuuming and dusting on Saturday night. I finished up on Sunday morning. We put the first coat of BonaSeal on around 11am and finished our second coat of Bona Naturale around 9pm. I have never used a waterborne floor finish before but I must say this stuff is awesome. After the first coat it looked great.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wood floor is all down

It has been a busy week with lots of late nights but we have finally gotten all the floor down. We borrowed a PowerNail to install the floor. It is a great tool and made this whole project much easier. Next up we will be filling holes in the hickory wood floor sanding and finishing. I hope to finish that up in one week. Our Driveway survived a nearly 2 inch rain, the drainage pipe got clogged at some point with dirt and it created a good sized pond.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wood Floor is Started and Driveway is almost complete

We spent the last weekend working on dirt since we had an unusually dry stretch for this time of the year. We finished up filling the pit and started building up the drive way at the bottom of the property and got a drainage pipe put in. Water has been known to flow through there on really heavy rains. It is still pretty soft so I have not been ably to drive the big track loader up there yet. We did manage to get the old back hoe stuck while we were filling the pit, the track loader pulled it right out though. Hopefully the next rain we have will be slow and steady to help settle everything in without washing it away.

We also got started on the hickory wood floors last night. We got started in the big room and we also got 2/3 of the office done. I hope to have the floor all laid by the weekend and then hopefully we can start sanding by Sunday(that may be a pipe dream). I have been looking into the Bona Naturale finish, but it is pretty expensive at $120 a gallon. I am going to estimate that we will need between 6-8 gallons. Plus we will need 3 gallons of primer.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Painting, wood floor, lighting

We got our panel wired up. I spent most of the weekend working on installing outlets and switches. I ran into a small issue with a 4 way but either way we have light and that is awesome. My wife and her family worked on painting on Saturday and they managed to get 10 gallons put on the walls. We are about 6-7 short though. The hickory floor came in so we went and picked up all 5000 pounds worth. We should be able to start on that by next weekend at the latest.