Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Basement waterproofing and framing

I got a call from the framer who was wondering why there were no brackets on the north and south walls to hold the rim joist. There was a total lack of communication there. Plans were changed at the last minute ect. TF couldn't answer how much weight a screw in the plastic could hold up.. Any ways the framer is planning on drilling the concrete and putting in anchors. Hopefully it goes ok with the helix in the concrete. TF had also figured on 14 inch floor joists witch would have cost 1-2k more and ate into our ceiling height down there. I talked the framer into moving the second part of the bracket up and then dropping down to a 12 inch floor system. That will keep our ceiling closer to 9ft down there. They made some good progress on the interior walls yesterday. Now they are just waiting on the manufactured lumber to get in.

We also started getting the platon waterproofing on the walls. No one likes a wet basement. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Basement walls are poured.

Well it was quite and experience but our basement walls are done. We have been incredibly blessed to have excellent support from TF Systems throughout this whole building process. For our pour the person who designed these vertical ICF walls came out and poured them for us, since he doesn't want to be identified I will call him Bill from here on out. We had 7 people on site for the pour (that includes the pump truck operator.) My wife and I manned the vibrator while Bill poured the walls. Everything went very fast and the walls turned out great. We didn't have any blow outs and the walls are nice and straight. Bill actually walks on top of the walls. He must be very confident in his system to trust his weight on 2.5 inches of foam. It was amazing.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Floor done

The footing was out of square and about 8 inches long. Fortunately we could still make it work. The house will be about 8 inches wider. We spent several days leveling the gravel putting down plastic, 1 inch of foam and 1000 ft of radiant tubing. We only did the main living area in the basement and a small portion of the media room. We ran 5 200ft loops. I will probably design an outdoor wood burner for this eventually.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Footing Done, Maybe

Alright well our footing is poured and done. We had an issue with Bob from the department of making me sad. He came to do his inspection we thought he needed to see the poured footing and he just wanted to see the in ground plumbing. On to other things John the concrete guy just realized that he poured the footing about a foot to long on the walk out side... We are working on a plan to correct it now. We will either repour the footing inside or we will have a slightly bigger house.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Footing Forms are set

We just about have the footing forms ready for inspection. We put spreaders across to get to the 18 inch width that we needed and spread gravel all around the perimeter of the footing to keep the concrete from running out. We should have it inspected tomorrow and we will pour either late that day or the day after.