Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Basement waterproofing and framing

I got a call from the framer who was wondering why there were no brackets on the north and south walls to hold the rim joist. There was a total lack of communication there. Plans were changed at the last minute ect. TF couldn't answer how much weight a screw in the plastic could hold up.. Any ways the framer is planning on drilling the concrete and putting in anchors. Hopefully it goes ok with the helix in the concrete. TF had also figured on 14 inch floor joists witch would have cost 1-2k more and ate into our ceiling height down there. I talked the framer into moving the second part of the bracket up and then dropping down to a 12 inch floor system. That will keep our ceiling closer to 9ft down there. They made some good progress on the interior walls yesterday. Now they are just waiting on the manufactured lumber to get in.

We also started getting the platon waterproofing on the walls. No one likes a wet basement. 

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