Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lots of little things and wiring

Well we have been getting a bunch of little projects done. The soffit is almost up. The doors are still not here but they are saying the should be here Thursday. We worked on wiring all weekend. I found an electrician that works on the side for about $18 an hour. He has drawn up a plan and we are putting up all the boxes, drilling holes and pulling wire. So far things are going pretty good. I bet we are about half done.

We have also been getting prepared for spray foam. That is happening today. Most people wait until the electric is in before they foam but it should have minimal impact on the wiring. Hopefully we aren't jumping the gun. We have blocked off the roof between the porch and the deck from the rest of the house.

Once the foam is in and the doors are on we should have a relatively warm place to work. This week has been pretty nice considering it is January though. Today we got up to the low 50s. It was raining last night pretty good but not blowing so the house stayed pretty dry.

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