Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Basement walls are up

Well it has taken 4 solid days but we almost have the basement walls done. Day one went particularly fast. Straight walls are super easy. We started opposite the walk out side so we had no windows to deal with. We had the outside track nailed to the footing and squared out. The inside track just floats. We also put up one corner and put on a brace. The next morning the enventor the the TF systems product came out and gave us some pointers and got us moving in the right direction. We got about 2/3 of the walls done. It was also recomended that we get some one who was experienced to come out and help us with the windows and doors. We found a guy who had spend 2 years working on Pensmore. He was a big help but the windows and doors brought our progress to a crawl. Any ways 4 days later we are just about ready to pore. We are planning to do that about noon tomorrow. For any one new to this system I have a few recomendations that you will not find in the manual. First start in the corner and build out 10 feet then start bracing. I have attached the proper bracing procedure for a 10ft wall below. I will make a post specifically for tips later. Also 

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