Thursday, November 29, 2012

Framing is speeding along

After the upper walls were finished we worked on getting the basement waterproofed. We used a platon waterproofing for the base. We bought a roll that was 8 ft tall and we let it lap over the edge of the foundation so that all water is directed right to the daylight drain pipe we installed. once all the platon was on we added 2-3 ft of gravel all the way around the house. Once that was done we got the old 941b out and started pushing the dirt back to the house. We left it a bit low. Then we added a 2 foot aluminum flashing to the top of the platon and continued to back fill up to that point.

With the way the front porch lays we are going to end up having to put in a retaining wall. We will be getting a bid for later today. I hope that this is something that we can accomplish ourselves. Our caterpillar blew a seal in one of the hydraulics but I hope to have repaired before the weekend. Fortunately we found all the parts locally.

The framer has really moved along in the past 5 days. all the ceiling joists are in the. the roof rafters are mostly done.

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