Monday, December 10, 2012

Stressful front porch issues

Our front porch has required a tremendous amount of fill. If you compare the top picture to the bottom you will see what I am talking about. The left side of the top picture shows the front and garage door. If you look at the front door on the bottom picture you can see that there is nearly 5 ft of fill here. The left side of the bottom picture is where we are really having an issue. There is 6-10 ft of fill here. We have dug down roughly 6ft and have hit some relatively solid ground. We will put will put a 8 inch concrete pillar up from there. This should hopefully keep the porch from settling much. If it does settle we should be able to shim it fairly easily. The roof is nearly decked. We are just lacking the north side. The framers should finish that up early next week. We got 5 of our 9 blocks in to finish our retaining wall. Hopefully we can finish that up this weekend too before the rain moves in. The rest of the weekend will be spent moving concrete. They tore down a kfc and dumped the whole parking lot on our place. It looks like a beast now but I'm sure we will find a use for it.


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