Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Countertops are setting up

We got the concrete in the forms. I am not super thrilled with how it all went. The fiber optics went terribly. That may be a complete failure. The "white" concrete was full of tan sand. The brown counter for the guest bath I got way to wet so I am pretty worried about the final strength. Hopefully it all turns out. I had to order a new secco polisher, my other one died after one job. If this one does not do better I will be done with this brand. Ok enough complaining. I will pull the forms tomorrow and start the finish work on them.

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  1. Hi Folks, Just stumbled upon your blog..Love the look of your home ! We also are building with ICF into a hillside and looking forward to a warm draft free home after many years in an old farmhouse as cold as a mooseyard. Our building is complicated by the fact we are adding on to an existing frame cottage on a 4 'concrete foundation and the ICF addition has an 8' basement.. We are in zone 4b to 5 in NB Canada. Our building blog is