Monday, March 18, 2013

Drywall is hung, stone vaneer is started

The hangers finished up the drywall now we just have to wait for the finishers. The inside of our house is a dusty mess. Hopefully they will get done this week. They were worried about it not being warm enough but I think they play to bring some heat in.

We got started on the stone vaneer this weekend. We are using a drystack so it takes a while to piece all this together and that means we are behind schedule again.  The weather is well below average this week for this time of year and that makes doing mason work suck. Our night time lows are hovering around the freezing mark so I will cover our work with plastic. The siding and soffit guys started on Friday and they expect it to take about a week or so to finish up so we have to have this rapped up by next weekend. 

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