Thursday, March 7, 2013

Inspection passed, network wired and drywall delivered

Our ground has been pretty damp for the last couple weeks so it has pushed back the delivery of the sheet rock, but that gave us time to tie up all the loose ends. We finished getting great stuff in all the cracks around the windows and I ran Cat6 network cable to all the rooms in the upstairs and I ran some conduit in some of the areas ,like behind the TV and in the office and to run stuff between the attic and the basement.

The garage doors showed up yesterday but the garage door guy wanted some additional framing, it would have been nice if he had noticed that when he came out the first time I guess you get what you pay for with some of these guys... Hopefully we can get the framing finished up tonight in the dark so he can install them tomorrow.

The big news is that today the drywall is being dropped off. I am guessing that it will take 2-3 days to hang and 2-3 to mud.

I plan to take off on Friday this week to get some more dirt work done since we actually have a dry stretch. Rain is back in the forecast by Saturday night though. I plan to bury the majority of our massive pile of concrete under our drive way at the bottom. This will bring the level of the drive way up and generate some high quality black dirt for the garden. I am just not sure I can get it done in 2 days. If I can't we will have a big mud pit with no easy way to access the property.

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